DAS-What it Means and How You Can Benefit

One of the fastest growing areas of wireless network development is fiber optic Distributed Antenna Systems, or “DAS”.  DAS is an alternative to traditional cell towers and/or rooftop antennas that cell phone carriers are utilizing to solve cell phone tower coverage and capacity issues. Cell phone carriers are using DAS, much like mini cell towers and micro cell towers to fill holes in their cell phone coverage areas and as a way to increase cell phone traffic issues.

You may have already been approached by a telecom (or other like company) seeking permission to co-locate DAS equipment on your property. If so, we at Vertical Consultants can assist you in the evaluation of such an agreement by providing the following counsel: 

  • We can assess a prospective applicant’s need for the DAS network when weighed against existing alternatives.
  • We can review the terms and conditions of any DAS agreement including proposed payments to be provided for the installation of DAS equipment on or about your site.
  • We can negotiate the availability of sharing the infrastructure of any proposed DAS system to be installed so that your organization can optimize the benefits of such a system. 

Since DAS agreements are both relatively new and very specialized in their design, most parties do not have experience negotiating such an agreement. The negotiation of a DAS agreement requires a certain level of industry knowledge that Vertical Consultants has and takes pride in providing to its clients. We provide you with full service consulting as it relates to DAS agreements. 

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