Complimentary Cell Tower Lease Review, Why Pay When You Can Get it for Free!

While some companies charge as much as $500.00 per hour to simply review your cell tower lease, we at Vertical Consultants are committed to always providing our clients a complimentary initial review of their current lease.

Our clients tell us this process has been both meaningful and effective in helping them understand not only the challenges but also the opportunities that lay ahead with their property as it pertains to their cell tower lease.

Our focus at Vertical Consultants is on you the property owner and the process of optimizing the value of your investment. As you probably read on our home page, our motto here at Vertical Consultants is “We don’t benefit unless you benefit”.  We stand by our belief that offering this complimentary lease review best serves to foster our relationship with you and provides the necessary information we need to give you good counsel.

Sharing your lease information with us is risk free and comes without obligation.

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