Optimize Your Existing Lease

Vertical Consultants takes pride in being able to assist commercial property owners who are currently leasing ground or rooftop space to a cell phone carrier or tower company. We, unlike other companies, work not only to address issues that a commercial properties owners may have as it relates to optimizing the current rental payments it receives under the terms of the current lease, but also work to address certain non-monetary issues that can be a severe pitfall for a commercial property owner if not addressed correctly.

In 2011, Vertical Consultants was able, based upon existing lease structure and the utility of the individual sites, to garner immediate increases in client’s rents being received under their existing leases by an average of 98% resulting in millions of dollars of additional value over the life of those leases.

Vertical Consultants, was also during 2011 able to recover underpaid, or in some cases, nonpaid rent and expenses for clients totaling over $250,000.00 and while not an advocate on lease buyouts, was able, when the situation was either desired or optimal, to increase initial cell tower and lease buyout offers by an average of 42%.

We invite you to review the following articles that hopefully will serve to provide you information we feel is important to a commercial property owner currently leasing space to a wireless carrier or cell tower company

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