Why We’re Different

When Vertical Consultants was formed we strived to establish a company that would provide a different and more effective way to represent landowners. There are two ways in which we do that: 1) We represent landowners who are presented with the opportunity to lease a portion of their land to a cell phone or tower company and 2) We also represent landowners who are already has an existing cell tower or rooftop lease in place. In both situations we offer guidance as well as proven results when it comes to optimizing our client’s lease.

Vertical Consultants distinguishes itself from other consulting companies in the following ways: Our Staff- We Cover All Aspects of Your Lease

  • Most other consulting companies are formed by cell phone industry personnel who have similar backgrounds and as a result only have one viewpoint when it comes to providing advice to a client. In comparison, Vertical Consultants is comprised of cell phone industry veterans with over 40 years of combined separate and yet distinct experience, which includes site acquisition, development, leasing, legal and financial fields. This diverse experience allows us to approach the issues surrounding a new or existing lease from every angle.
  • We are made up of experts who have worked for the largest cell phone companies in the world. Our staff has been directly responsible for the acquisition and development of thousands of cell tower and rooftop sites throughout North America and abroad and have structured and negotiated wireless transactions that have accounted for billions of dollars of financial commitments over the life of those agreements. We strive to utilize our expertise and experience to best serve our clients.

Our Approach-“Advice is Nice but Results are Better”

  • Vertical Consultants differentiates itself from other consulting companies in our approach to serving our client’s needs and the means by which we provide them. While other consulting companies only have the means to focus on one aspect of a landowner’s cell tower or rooftop lease and as a result have to refer those landowners to other companies to seek certain answers. Here at Vertical Consultants, we don’t have to refer you to anyone else. We can handle all the aspects of a tower or rooftop lease or site in-house. We have it covered from A to Z when it comes to your tower or rooftop site.
  • We have both the expertise and the experience to provide you with answers regarding the “true value” of your property as it relates to not only a new tower or rooftop lease agreement but in addition, we have the means to offer our clients the options to be able to increase the value of any existing lease they might already have.
  • We do not just provide you with advice and then refer you to other companies to handle the rest of a transaction like those other consulting companies do. The reason why? Because we don’t have to. Like we mentioned above, our company is comprised of individuals who can handle every aspect of the lease transaction and as a result, we are able to walk our clients through the entire process, from beginning to end.
  • We are not like those other “one trick pony” consulting firms that will charge you up to $500.00 an hour just to tell you what you need to do. We will provide you expert consulting, outline your options going forward, and work on your behalf to garner results. And in the end, we will not truly benefit unless you see a benefit from our services. Other consulting companies focus on providing you advice; Vertical Consultants focuses on proving you results.

Our Mission-Level the Playing Field for Our Clients

  • During the wireless boom over the last 20+ years, the cell phone companies have continued to use the same methods to both acquire the rights to new locations and also to maintain their existing leases. The reason for this lack of change is that it has been very profitable for the cell phone companies to keep things the way they are. These companies continue to generate billions of dollars of revenue from cell tower and rooftop locations throughout North America. The main reason why some of these companies have started from having no net worth to presently being worth billions of dollars is that they know that a typical landowner does not have the information or representation needed to assess the fair value of their property. As result the cell phone companies can continue to profit off of that disparity in information and expertise.
  • Our main mission is to change the way things are done for the benefit of our clients. A landowner has a choice in that it can either continue to accept things the way they are (while the cell phone carriers and tower companies continue to receive windfall profits) OR you can seek out a company like Vertical Consultants and in the process enlist a partner in the quest to level the playing field and ultimately optimize the the value of your lease.
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